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Hi there! 

I know you care so much about helping your child develop their writing skills in a way that's fun for them and doesn't put them off even more ......but it’s hard and  overwhelming. 

In your heart, you know there’s a different way to help them develop the skills your child needs for writing so that they don’t resist it even more, but you’re not sure how to do that. 

You want them to enjoy writing and creating with ease and joy.

You want them to feel comfortable so that their hands don't get sore or tired to the point that they refuse to write and homework is a real struggle.  

Maybe they avoid fine motor tasks like making crafts, drawing and writing because it’s tiring and takes so much effort for them. 

Or they slouch, struggle to do gross motor activities and sports with friends. 

Perhaps you don’t get much or any Occupational Therapy support yet you want to help your child now versus wait while they struggle. 


Let’s imagine how it could be for you and your child if…...  


  • You understood the science of how their sensory and motor systems work so you know how to help them.

  • You had a plan of what to do to help your child develop their foundational skills for writing so that they have the strength, coordination and confidence  to enjoy writing while having an outlet for their creative ideas.

  • You had your questions about your child’s sensory processing for coordination and writing answered.  

I’m here to help! 

Hi, I'm Munira! 

I'm a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and I've been helping develop  children's sensory processing and motor skills for writing for 20+ years. 

I’m also a mum of a sensory kid on my own journey. 

I’m here to help you help your child develop their foundational skills for writing in a holistic way, through fun and connection.  

By the end of this program, you will:

  1. -understand your child's sensory processing and motor skills for writing coordination 

-identify the skills your child is missing 

-implement tried-and-tested FUN treatment activities to develop the skills your child actually need for writing

-help you become confident and inspired so you can tap into your own gut instinct to help your child become a happy and confident writer 

Who is the Foundations for Writing program?

This is for you if:

  • Your child is 4-11 years old, and has coordination and writing difficulties

  • You want support from an expert Occupational Therapist to help you create and implement a program that works for your child while getting help so you know you're doing it right

  • You want to clearly understand your child’s sensory and motor needs so you can help them anywhere and anytime, and advocate for their needs

  • You are overwhelmed or confused how to help your child’s writing, and want to gain confidence and inspiration to help them through fun

  • You are committed and want to gain momentum with your knowledge to help your child develop their sensory and motor skills for writing

Who is NOT a good fit for this program?

This isn't for you if:

  • Your child has a neurological diagnosis such as Cerebral Palsy or is non-ambulatory

  • You want 1:1 sessions or 1:1 support (all communication takes place in the live Q&A’s or the FB community only so the group benefits from the responses, no private emails)

  • You want communication to be with your child's school (this is a group program supporting parents only)

  • You want a quick-fix to improve your child's writing with repetitive writing practice versus build foundational sensory and motor skills kids need to write

  • You are unable to commit the time and effort to learn how to help your child develop their skills for writing

Join me on this 10-week program to improve your child's sensory and motor skills for writing.

How does your 10-week program work? 

  • First, complete the initial questionnaire about your child's background and needs

  • In the first module, discover how to make baseline observations of your child to get clear on which skills to develop in this program.

  • In the remaining four modules, you'll get a bite-sized video tutorial and video demonstrations of activities to  develop your child's sensory and motor skills for writing

Module 1:  Baseline Observations

Module 2: Sensory Awareness Pathway

Module 3: Core Strength Pathway                                                                  

Module 4: Pressure Control Pathway

Module 5: Spatial Awareness Pathway

  • You get 5  live interactive Q&A's (recordings available) for expert support about your child. Can't make it? No worries. Send in your questions beforehand and watch the recordings. 

  • Access to a private FaceBook community for 10 weeks for support from myself and connection with other like-minded parents 

This 10-week program will run from 10th Oct to 19th Dec, '21.

Join Foundations for Writing

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Yes, I'm in!

I'm ready to get clear and confident how to help my child enjoy writing.

Next round will be in January 2022.

Watch Intro Video

Video: 'Foundations for Writing' in a nutshell

Course Outline

What's Inside Your Program?

  • 1

    Welcome & How to Go Through the Program

    • Welcome Video

    • **Course orientation

    • Intake form regarding your child

    • Private Facebook Group

    • Workbook

    • What progress to expect?

    • Basic Items Needed for Sessions

    • How to Adjust Activities for Your Child (video)

  • 2

    Mindset and Myth Busters

    • TOP TIPS

    • Myth Buster #1: Who is the expert?

    • Myth Buster #2: 1:1 sessions are best

    • Myth Buster #3: I need to do the treatments exactly how shown

    • Myth Buster #4: Time and effort

  • 3

    Module 1: Baseline Observations and where to start?

    • How to Take Baseline Observations

    • Baseline Observations Activity 1

    • Baseline Observations Activity 2

    • Baseline Observations Activity 3

    • Baseline Observations Activity 4

    • Skills for Writing Questionnaire (optional)

  • 4

    Module 2: Sensory Awareness Pathway

    • Module 2: Parents Calming Activity

    • Module 2: How to develop your child's sensory processing for writing

    • Module 2: Whole Body Activities

    • Module 2: Hand Activities

    • Module 2: Eye-Hand Activities

  • 5

    Module 3: Core Strength Pathway

    • Module 3: Parents' calming activity

    • Module 3: How to Increase Core Stability For Fine Motor Skills

    • Module 3: Whole Body Activities

    • Module 3: Hand Activities

    • Module 3: Eye Hand Activities

  • 6

    Module 4: Pressure Control Pathway

    • Module 4: Parents' Calming Activity

    • Module 4: How to Control Pressure for Writing

    • Module 4: Whole Body Activities

    • Module 4: Hand Activities

    • Module 4: Eye-Hand Activities

  • 7

    Module 5: Spatial Awareness Pathway

    • Module 5: Parents' Calming Activity

    • Module 5: How to Develop Spatial Awareness for Writing

    • Module 5: Whole Body Activities

    • Module 5: Hand Activities

    • Module 5: Eye-Hand Activities

  • 8

    Finale: Tying It All Together

    • Finale: How to tie all of this together now and determine progress?

    • What next?

  • 9


    • Mini-Series to Learn Sensory & Motor Fundamentals to Increase Pencil Control

    • Helping Kids Who Resist Writing with Tips & Activities


What Other Parents Are Saying

I'm so glad I did it!


The 'Roadmap to Writing' course has been fantastic! I now understand SO much more of what is going on in my son's body. I know what he needs and how to set up genuinely fun activities that help him feel so much more comfortable in his body and will enable him to develop the foundational skills he needs for life as well as writing and schoolwork.

Munira has such a lovely manner and the tutorials and video demonstrations are so accessible. Her understanding of how kids work is profound. The weekly Facebook live sessions were so helpful for asking specific questions that related to my own family, but I also benefited from hearing others questions and experiences and Munira's subsequent advice.

Knowing the cost of 1 to 1 therapy, this is also amazing value to be able to talk directly to a highly experienced expert who is full of creative ideas and solutions. I'm so glad I did it and have a notebook full of notes to refer to ongoingly.

"It makes so much sense to help parents to know how to help their children"


I gained so much helpful & inspirational insight into the complex subject of sensory needs. It really did help me untangle and clarify some of the reasons behind the things my son struggles with & avoids. The exercises were all fun so he was really keen to do them.

The Facebook community allowed me & other members to learn from each other's ideas and questions, which was great.

It makes so much sense to help parents to know how to help their children, rather than bypassing them to 'treat' the child.

I got so many new ideas!

Mom C

I really enjoyed the 'Roadmap to writing' course. As a parent, I gained a deeper understanding of my child, and why and how the different activities work for the different areas of development.

It was great to see how we can adjust activities to challenge our kids in the right way while keeping them engaged and entertained!

Munira was always there for us to answer any questions or doubts we had along the way and the Q&As were a great opportunity to learn from other parents' experiences. I got so many new ideas on this course that will keep my little one busy for months to come!

Huge Amount of Support

A Mum and Home Educator

I have loved the ideas FOR HOME and the huge amount of support that we have got from Munira. She is a fabulous resource that we don't have the same kind of access to as you do with therapists at school.

Munira was very responsive, approachable, personable and a huge advocate for our families. Would recommend this course for sure.

Pencil Grasp is Finally Improving


The foundations for writing course has been great for me and my little boy A. I am now better able to understand the problems he faces.

Munira has created an in depth course that educates the parents with knowledge and follows a structure of weekly tutorials that are actially really fun activities to help children develop in so many ways.

My little boy has much better posture now, his core is strengthening and he is beginning to figure out how to regulate himself. His pencil grasp is finally improving!

I have also learnt so much about sensory processing through Muniras guidance and how it relates to writing.

I would highly recommend this course!

Help and Support Were Invaluable

L's Mummy

Thank you Munira for this high-quality program! It was very comprehensive and well explained.

What I loved the most is being able to watch/re-watch video demonstration of activities whenever works for me from the comfort of my home.

Thank you from the heart for your availibility to answer all our questions. Your help and support were invaluable.

Mum J

I loved doing this course, so I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's child is struggling to write. It's still very much a work in progress with my 8 y/o as in he's still not really keen to actually write, but he is more interested in doing the fine motor activities.

His gross motor skills seem to be improving too. Munira has some really good ideas to get your kiddo moving.

The baseline assessment was interesting as it led me to do some more research into the results. So it's a big thumbs up from us and a big thank you to Munira for her expertise.

It was Well Worth Doing!

Mum M

The Foundations for Writing course stands out as it is bigger picture focused so you get a much better understanding of exactly why your child might find writing difficult, the specific skills they need to work on and lots of ideas for activities that you can use/ tailor to your child's individual's needs.

The Q&A every week was also a great way to speak to other parents and brainstorm ideas, as well as ask for advice about your child.

Thank you Munira!

Even others see a change in him!

Mum C

This course was perfect to help develop the skills my son needed for starting to write. Munira is so knowledgeable, practical and approachable. There is so much material she provides, which can be used according to the need of your child.

She provides great support through the private Facebook group and the regular Q&As in which she can guide you and advise on your own child.

My son was keen to engage in all the activities and has improved his physical and sensory skills for writing.

Even others see a change in him. His dance teacher said he has improved a lot which I think is down to this work. He was in the playground this morning and climbing, balancing and jumping much more confidently. I know there is still work to do, but I am very grateful for the activities and advice.

Very Helpful

Parent of two daughters with sensory difficulties.

I found it very helpful to attend Munira's Foundations for Writing course.

She is excellent at presenting and explaining complex information in a clear, accessible way and coming up with fun ideas to improve children's strength and skills.

The facebook group and zoom Q&A sessions provide useful spaces to share ideas with other parents and gain advice from Munira.


This course is an investment in you and your child's potential.

Learn from my 23 years of OT experience and get clear and confident how to develop your child's writing.

That's ten weeks of OT support for £397, less than £40 / week.

You also have the option of 2 monthly instalments of £199 each.

  • £397.00

    £397.00Foundations for Writing Parent Coaching Program

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  • 2 x £207.00

    2 x £207.00Foundations for Writing Parent Coaching Program

    2 monthly instalments of £199 each.
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I'm Munira, an American trained Paediatric OT with 20+ years experience specialising in Sensory Processing.

Paediatric Occupational Therapist & Owner of ot4kids

Munira Adenwalla

I help parents to develop their child’s sensory and motor skills for pencil control and writing. I am a strong proponent of early intervention. I have seen first hand with my own son and children I treat, how early intervention helps establish strong foundations for sensory processing, motor coordination, and emotional regulation.

I'm a strong believer in a parents’ gutt instinct and value working with you to directly support your child’s sensory and motor needs.

As you are with your child the most, I want to help you to understand your child's needs and know what to do to help them. Once you know this, you will be able to more effectively help your child develop the skills they need while parenting on-the-go.

Let's do this together!


  • When does the course start?

    The course lasts ten weeks. It starts on 10th Oct, '21 and ends on 19th Dec, '21

    You will have access to the course material, the recorded Q&A's, and FB group till 19th Dec, '21.

  • How will a course relate to my individual child?

    I will ask you to complete an intake form for background information.

    I will not be reviewing your child’s individual reports for this group program. However I’m happy to do so via a private consultation.

  • What changes will I see in my child after this course?

    All kids progress differently and have their own strengths and needs.

    Although this course is aimed at improving fine motor skills, it will be via the foundational skills. As a result, you will notice progress in other areas too.

    In previous rounds, parents have noted that their kids are:

    -Stronger, more confident and secure with their body
    – less clumsy, more coordinated
    -Improved posture, able to hold up their body
    -more active and coordinated on the playground
    -Do more resistive tasks with arms / hands
    -Better able to control objects in their hands, less fumbly
    -Increased pressure with hands, more relaxed with hands
    -More willing to play games or do activities that require fine motor coordination
    -More use of ‘utensils’ to play or cook
    -More willing and interested to do pencil tasks, arts and crafts
    -More enjoyment with fine motor play, crafts, drawing / writing
    -More precise with their movements

  • How much time do I need to do this course?

    In each module, you'll have: a parents calming activity - 10 minutes video tutorial - on average 15 minutes activity demonstrations - on average 30 minutes If I had to guess, then you may spend 45-60 minutes per week with your child to do the program as you go through each module. Each child is different and can tolerate different amounts so you'll have to read your child's signs.

  • What if I have any questions?

    Send in your questions via the Google Form before the weekly live Q&A's, or just attend the Q&A.

    Post questions and shares in the FB group for the community. I will pop into the FB group once daily on Mon to Fri. Please note that this is a group program and there's no 1:1 communication via email or DM's. Any communication will be within the FB group so the entire group can benefit from your responses, or they'll be answered on the Q&A's.

    Also, although Occupational Therapy for kids covers many areas, the focus of this program is on coordination for writing. For help with areas outside the content of this program, I'm happy to do a private 1:1 consultation.

  • Do I need special equipment to do the activities?

    The biggest thing you will need to do for this program is to stick with the content and trust the process.

    We are going to use what you have at home!

    I did home care in New York City for 10 years. Because many of us had tiny apartments there, I always joke that I know how to work in a shoebox! :)

    Some items we may use include:

    -trampoline, bounce pad, mattress or sofa cushions for jumping
    -beanbags, crashpads, pillows and blankets
    -masking tape
    -squirt bottles, soap pumps, spray bottles

  • Is an online course effective compared to 1:1 help?

    I've been an OT for 20+ years.  I have worked with a thousand or so kids and their parents.  This has given me insight to go back on and these kids have taught me so much that I can relate it to other kids. 

    Yes, all kids are different and unique, however, there are some pathways we follow based on neuroscience. 

    I have my feet in both a clinic and virtual space. This helps me keep my feet wet and my mind inspired. 

    All of this helps me 'get' your child.

  • Can this help my child who is 'demand avoidant?'

    In this course, you will learn more than just treatment activities.

    I teach you the framework.

    Once you know the 'formula,' you can implement it when it's the right time for your child as a natural part of their day. This is why parents are the best to work with their kids when it's right versus when having to head off for a session with somebody else.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    I am confident that the material in this course will help you improve your child's fine motor skills and writing via their foundational skills.

    As long as you fit the criteria above, show that you have done the work, and reached out for help in the private FB group and on the Live Q&A's, you will receive a refund.

    Let me know within 14-days of starting the program.


By purchasing this course, you understand and agree: 

1. the advice provided in this program is educational versus a 1:1 service.  You are responsible for choosing what to apply to your child. You must provide supervision for your child's own safety.  If you require medical advice, please book a private appointment or consult with your child's doctor. 

2. the course material is copyrighted to Munira Adenwalla and can ONLY be used for personal use. 

3. all information shared by group members in the FB community and Q&A's will be kept private and confidential.