Hi there!

Are you a parent of a child struggling with writing? 

  • Your child says their hands are sore or get tired from writing.  

  • They're discouraged by writing.  They know their writing looks different or illegible compared to their peers so they now think they're not "as smart as" other kids.   They've lost their self-esteem and confidence, or even hate going to school.

  • They avoid using cutlery, doing crafts, drawing and writing because it's uncomfortable and takes so much effort.

  • Maybe they have a lot of energy like the 'energiser bunny.'  They're fidgety, wiggly, clumsy, distracted, and just can't sit still.

  • Or they're slouchy, struggle to keep up with gross motor activities and sports with friends.  

  • Perhaps you're on a long waitlist or you don’t get enough (or any)  OT support yet you'll do anything to help your child now versus wait for them to struggle even more with their writing.

I know you care so much about helping your child develop their writing skills in a way that's fun yet effective and doesn't put them off writing even more ......but it’s so hard. 

In your heart, you know there’s a different way to help your child develop the skills they need for writing so that they don’t resist it even more, but you’re not sure how or where to start. 

You want your child to be self-motivated to choose and want to write because it brings them joy.  

You want them to write with ease and comfort, and without their hands tiring or hurting to the point that they refuse to write and homework is a real struggle.  

Let’s imagine how it could be in 10 weeks if…...

→you got to the root cause of your child's writing difficulties, knew which sensory and motor skills to develop, and how to advocate for your child

→you were relieved because there's an easier way to help your child develop their underlying skills for writing while having fun NOW versus them struggling more

→You were actively helping your child move forwards with a proven plan of activities based on brain science so that they choose and want to write

→You knew which activities to do in the right order and how to do them to help your child develop their foundational skills for writing through FUN while having your hand held all along the way

→Your child's self-esteem and confidence increased because they now had the underlying strength and coordination to write, draw, and share their ideas

→You got support for ten weeks by an expert Occupational Therapist and had your questions answered about your child’s sensory processing and writing when you needed it

This is what Foundations for Writing program does for you! 

Children in 'Foundations for Writing' have had these results:

⭐️ Choose or want to write, more willing and interested to do pencil tasks and homework

⭐️ Stronger, more coordinated, and controlled with their body on the playground, during sports, and while doing fine motor activities

⭐️ Better self-esteem and confidence, happier, less frustration and resistance with writing

⭐️ More willing and happier to do new and challenging activities

⭐️ More comfortable grasp and force when writing and using cutlery

⭐️ Write more legibly, smaller, and for longer time............and so much more

You can have this too.  
I'm here to help!  

Hi, I'm Munira! 

I'm a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and have helped children's sensory processing and motor skills for writing for 24 years. 

I’m also a mum to my own sensory kid.  Because of him I've gotten first-hand experience being a sensory parent.  He teaches and inspires me so I can use my journey as an OT and fellow mum to better help you. 

I've created this program for 2 reasons:

1) I know what it's like to be a parent and feel alone, unheard by professionals, and not know where to start to get the support you need.  

2) Most parents tell me that writing practice, fine motor exercises, and pencil grips have hardly helped their child's writing.  And now their child has lost their self-esteem and confidence, and resists or refuses writing more. 

Let's change that! 

I’m here to help YOU help your child develop their foundational skills for writing through fun and connection so your child can write with ease, joy and confidence.  

I believe kids are doing the best they can with what they have.   Once they develop the right underlying sensory and motor skills they need, they then choose and want to write because they now have the skills to do so.  

I also believe that as parents you have a gut instinct and deep intuition of how best to help your child.  As a fellow parent, I know that nobody is as invested as we are in our own child.  

With hand holding and support all along the way through Foundations for Writing, you will feel inspired and empowered to take action to help your child develop the skills they need while also advocating for their best interests.

Introducing Foundations for Writing

Here's what you can expect in this 10-week program!

  • Intake Form

    First, complete the initial questionnaire about your child's background and needs so I can best help.

  • Baseline Observations

    Complete four simple baseline observation activities to learn which skills your child needs to develop so you know where to start.

  • Activity Demonstrations

    Watch bite-sized video tutorials and video demonstrations of activities (I demonstrate with my child for you) to develop the underlying skills your child needs for writing.

  • Live Support

    Live interactive Q&A's (recordings available) for expert OT support about your child's sensory processing, strength and writing coordination. Can't make it? No worries. Send in your questions beforehand and watch the recordings.

  • Community

    Access a private FaceBook community for 10 weeks of OT help and connection with other parents like you. You won't ever feel alone. You've got this! We've got you!

  • Belief in You

    Parents who took this program felt good they took action now and got results with their child, with help all along the way. They felt empowered with knowledge to believe in themselves, and their ability to help and advocate for their child.

Is Foundations for Writing right for me?

This is for you if:

  • Your child is 4-13 years old, and has coordination and writing difficulties

  • You are ready to put in the time and commitment to get results for your child while being supported all along.

  • You want to clearly understand your child’s sensory and motor needs so you can help them anywhere and anytime, and advocate for their needs

  • You are overwhelmed or confused how to help your child’s writing, and want to gain confidence and inspiration to help them through fun

  • You are committed and want to gain momentum with your knowledge to help your child develop their sensory and motor skills for writing

Who is NOT a good fit for this program?

Foundations for Writing is not for everybody.
This isn't for you if:

  • Your child has a neurological diagnosis such as Cerebral Palsy or is non-ambulatory

  • You want 1:1 sessions or 1:1 support (all communication takes place in the live Q&A’s or the FB community only so the group benefits from the responses, no private emails)

  • You want communication to be with your child's school (this is a group program supporting parents only)

  • You want a quick-fix to improve your child's writing with repetitive writing practice versus build foundational sensory and motor skills kids need to write

  • You are aren't ready for change and results, and are unable to commit the time and effort to learn how to help your child develop their skills for writing

By the end of this program, you will:

⭐️ Better understand how to help your child's sensory processing and motor skills for writing 

⭐️ Identify the skills your child is missing and needs to develop 

⭐️ Implement tried-and-tested FUN treatment activities to develop the skills your child actually need for writing

⭐️ Become confident and inspired so you can tap into your own intuition to help your child become a happy and confident writer

Would you like to go beyond just learning information, and shift to making a real difference by 'doing' actual activities that lead to progress in your child's coordination and writing? 

If so, I encourage you to say 'yes' so Foundations for Writing can help you.   

Yes to understanding.

Yes to moving forward and  results from taking action.

Yes to help for 10 weeks from an expert Occupational Therapist and sensory parent.

Yes to community and not having to do this alone.

Yes to your child being stronger, happier, and confident.

Yes to your child choosing and wanting to draw or write.

Let this be the beginning of your journey.

I'm super excited and honoured to be your OT guide along the way.  

I'll see you inside Foundations for Writing. 

This 10-week program will start on 
8th October, 2023. 
Join anytime for longer access, yet the 10 weeks 
live support begins 8th Oct.

Your Investment

This program is an investment in you and your child's potential.

Here's what you'll get:

-Learn from my 25 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist .

-10 weeks access to Foundations for Writing Program

-Unlimited help in the private FB group.

-More help on the zoom Q&A's (live or recorded).

That's 10 weeks of OT support for £397, less than £40/ week. Approx. $540 (USD).

Additional payment plan below too.

  • £347.00

    £347.00Foundations for Writing Parent Coaching Program

    Enrol Now
  • 3 x £129.00

    3 x £129.00Foundations for Writing Parent Coaching Program

    Enrol Now


Here's What Other Parents Like You Said

I'm so glad I did it!


The 'Roadmap to Writing' course has been fantastic! I now understand SO much more of what is going on in my son's body. I know what he needs and how to set up genuinely fun activities that help him feel so much more comfortable in his body and will enable him to develop the foundational skills he needs for life as well as writing and schoolwork.

Munira has such a lovely manner and the tutorials and video demonstrations are so accessible. Her understanding of how kids work is profound. The weekly Facebook live sessions were so helpful for asking specific questions that related to my own family, but I also benefited from hearing others questions and experiences and Munira's subsequent advice.

Knowing the cost of 1 to 1 therapy, this is also amazing value to be able to talk directly to a highly experienced expert who is full of creative ideas and solutions. I'm so glad I did it and have a notebook full of notes to refer to ongoingly.

"It makes so much sense to help parents to know how to help their children"


I gained so much helpful & inspirational insight into the complex subject of sensory needs. It really did help me untangle and clarify some of the reasons behind the things my son struggles with & avoids. The exercises were all fun so he was really keen to do them.

The Facebook community allowed me & other members to learn from each other's ideas and questions, which was great.

It makes so much sense to help parents to know how to help their children, rather than bypassing them to 'treat' the child.

I got so many new ideas!

Mom C

I really enjoyed the 'Roadmap to writing' course. As a parent, I gained a deeper understanding of my child, and why and how the different activities work for the different areas of development.

It was great to see how we can adjust activities to challenge our kids in the right way while keeping them engaged and entertained!

Munira was always there for us to answer any questions or doubts we had along the way and the Q&As were a great opportunity to learn from other parents' experiences. I got so many new ideas on this course that will keep my little one busy for months to come!

Huge Amount of Support

A Mum and Home Educator

I have loved the ideas FOR HOME and the huge amount of support that we have got from Munira. She is a fabulous resource that we don't have the same kind of access to as you do with therapists at school.

Munira was very responsive, approachable, personable and a huge advocate for our families. Would recommend this course for sure.

Pencil Grasp is Finally Improving


The foundations for writing course has been great for me and my little boy A. I am now better able to understand the problems he faces.

Munira has created an in depth course that educates the parents with knowledge and follows a structure of weekly tutorials that are actially really fun activities to help children develop in so many ways.

My little boy has much better posture now, his core is strengthening and he is beginning to figure out how to regulate himself. His pencil grasp is finally improving!

I have also learnt so much about sensory processing through Muniras guidance and how it relates to writing.

I would highly recommend this course!

Help and Support Were Invaluable

L's Mummy

Thank you Munira for this high-quality program! It was very comprehensive and well explained.

What I loved the most is being able to watch/re-watch video demonstration of activities whenever works for me from the comfort of my home.

Thank you from the heart for your availibility to answer all our questions. Your help and support were invaluable.

He and I are both happier!

Kathryn Edmondson

My son has real difficulty with writing. I had been on so many wait lists for OTs to help and was despairing.
Then I found the Foundations for Writing course and discovered how I could effectively help him at home.
I gained real insight into the actual challenges he was facing, behind the perceived poor writing. Now we work on coordination and exercises rather than forcing ourselves through endless worksheets. He and I are both happier, I can see the benefits and I have faith that when he’s actually ready he’ll write to the standard he desperately wants to achieve.

It was Well Worth Doing!

Mum M

The Foundations for Writing course stands out as it is bigger picture focused so you get a much better understanding of exactly why your child might find writing difficult, the specific skills they need to work on and lots of ideas for activities that you can use/ tailor to your child's individual's needs.

The Q&A every week was also a great way to speak to other parents and brainstorm ideas, as well as ask for advice about your child.

Thank you Munira!

Even others see a change in him!

Mum C

This course was perfect to help develop the skills my son needed for starting to write. Munira is so knowledgeable, practical and approachable. There is so much material she provides, which can be used according to the need of your child.

She provides great support through the private Facebook group and the regular Q&As in which she can guide you and advise on your own child.

My son was keen to engage in all the activities and has improved his physical and sensory skills for writing.

Even others see a change in him. His dance teacher said he has improved a lot which I think is down to this work. He was in the playground this morning and climbing, balancing and jumping much more confidently. I know there is still work to do, but I am very grateful for the activities and advice.

Very Helpful

Parent of two daughters with sensory difficulties.

I found it very helpful to attend Munira's Foundations for Writing course.

She is excellent at presenting and explaining complex information in a clear, accessible way and coming up with fun ideas to improve children's strength and skills.

The facebook group and zoom Q&A sessions provide useful spaces to share ideas with other parents and gain advice from Munira.

Course Outline

What's Inside Your Program?

  • 1

    Welcome & How to Go Through the Program

    • Welcome Video

    • **Course orientation / Q&A Dates

    • Intake form regarding your child

    • Private Facebook Group

    • Workbook

    • What progress to expect?

    • Basic Items Needed for Sessions

    • How to Adjust Activities for Your Child (video)

  • 2

    Mindset and Myth Busters

    • TOP TIPS

    • Myth Buster #1: Who is the expert?

    • Myth Buster #2: 1:1 sessions are best

    • Myth Buster #3: I need to do the treatments exactly how shown

    • Myth Buster #4: Time and effort

  • 3

    Module 1: Baseline Observations and where to start?

    • How to Take Baseline Observations

    • Baseline Observations Activity 1

    • Baseline Observations Activity 2

    • Baseline Observations Activity 3

    • Baseline Observations Activity 4

    • Skills for Writing Questionnaire (optional)

  • 4

    Module 2: Sensory Awareness Pathway

    • Module 2: Parents Calming Activity

    • Module 2: How to develop your child's sensory processing for writing

    • Module 2: Whole Body Activities

    • Module 2: Hand Activities

    • Module 2: Eye-Hand Activities

  • 5

    Module 3: Core Strength Pathway

    • Module 3: Parents' calming activity

    • Module 3: How to Increase Core Stability For Fine Motor Skills

    • Module 3: Whole Body Activities

    • Module 3: Hand Activities

    • Module 3: Eye Hand Activities

  • 6

    Module 4: Pressure Control Pathway

    • Module 4: Parents' Calming Activity

    • Module 4: How to Control Pressure for Writing

    • Module 4: Whole Body Activities

    • Module 4: Hand Activities

    • Module 4: Eye-Hand Activities

  • 7

    Module 5: Spatial Awareness Pathway

    • Module 5: Parents' Calming Activity

    • Module 5: How to Develop Spatial Awareness for Writing

    • Module 5: Whole Body Activities

    • Module 5: Hand Activities

    • Module 5: Eye-Hand Activities

  • 8

    Finale: Tying It All Together

    • Finale: How to tie all of this together?

    • What next?

  • 9


    • Mini-Series to Learn Sensory & Motor Fundamentals to Increase Pencil Control

    • Holiday Hoopla: 22 tips and ideas to help kids write

    • Helping Kids Who Resist Writing with Tips & Activities

Yes, I'm in!

I'm ready to get clear and confident how to help my child write with ease, joy and confidence.

FAQ'S - Have more questions?

No problem.....here's some answers.

  • Is a group coaching program as good as 1:1 sessions?

    You may wonder how I can help you without seeing your child, or can you help your child as well as an Occupational Therapist working with them? When you enrol in this program, you will receive an intake form to share background about your child’s skills and needs so I can better help you help them.

    In your program portal, you'll get video tutorials, written instructions, videos of activities to do with your child. Follow along and learn at your pace within the ten weeks.

    Additionally, you can ask questions about your child both during the live Zoom Q&A sessions or in the private FB group where you can share photos and videos for feedback.

    I will not be reviewing your child’s individual reports for this group program. However I’m happy to do so via a private consultation.

    Did you know I've been an OT for 20+ years and have worked with a thousand+ kids and their parents? I have my feet wet in both the clinic and virtual space which basically means I KNOW MY STUFF. I have personal and professional experience to guide me, and the treatment pathway I teach you is clear and based on neuroscience so it works.

    As a parent, you are the best person to help your child. You have a gut instinct of what will work for them. Once you learn more, you’ll naturally implement what’s best for them and come up with your own ideas with expert OT guidance.

    And one of the highlights of this program is that you as parents will KNOW how to help your child BEYOND their 1:1 session so you can support them in daily life!

  • What changes can I expect for my child after this course?

    All kids progress differently and have their own strengths and needs.

    Although this course is aimed at improving fine motor and writing skills, it will be via the foundational skills. As a result, you will notice progress in other areas too.

    In previous rounds, parents have noted that their kids are:

    -Stronger, more confident and secure with their body
    – less clumsy, more coordinated
    -Improved posture, able to hold up their body
    -more active and coordinated on the playground
    increased gross motor coordination to jump, climb, and and hop
    -Stronger with resistive tasks with arms / hands
    -Better able to control objects in their hands, less fumbly
    -Increased pressure with hands, more relaxed with hands
    -More willing to play games or do activities that require fine motor coordination
    -More use of ‘utensils’ to play or cook
    -More willing and interested to do pencil tasks, arts and crafts
    -More enjoyment with fine motor play, crafts, drawing / writing
    -More precise with their movements -Choose or want to write on their own

  • Will I need to commit a lot of time to this program?

    In each module, you'll have:

    -a parents calming activity - 5- 10 minutes
    -video tutorial - on average 15 minutes
    -activity demonstrations (whole body, hand, and eye hand) - on average 30 minutes

    In addition, if I had to guess, you may spend 45-60 minutes per week with your child to do the activities in the program (that's about 20-30 minutes twice a week).

    In summary, you'll need about 90-minutes per week to watch the videos and do the activities.

    Do you think that this requires a lot of time? Consider the amount of time spent getting your child ready for a 1:1 session, the time spent there, and the travel time to travel.

    What about the amount of time spent battling, encouraging or convincing your child to do their writing work? How much time is spent watching them struggle or going down the Google rabbit hole of research?

    Instead, spend that time going to the source (ahem me! 🙋🏻‍♀️) for help and spend your precious time learning what you can do to help your child now.

    And not to mention ALL the time you spend researching what to do online and not being sure if it’s right for your child.

    The Truth?

    When you know what you value most and you are committed to it, it’s easy to prioritize your time!

  • Do I need special equipment to do the activities?

    We are mostly going to use what you have at home!

    Some additional items that will help include:

    -A pop-up tunnel, perhaps a cloth tunnel
    -Bosu, trampoline, or mattress to jump on
    -beanbags, crashpads

    putty, playdoh, clay

  • What if this program doesn't work for me?

    Understandably you want to know if this Foundations for Writing program will work for your child and what if it doesn't? If you're not sure or have any doubt if this program will help you and your child, email me about your child, your concerns, and a photo of their pencil grasp or writing. I will reply to your email and let you know if you are a good fit. I only want you to join if this is going to help and benefit you. I don't want to waste your time and effort, or mine to be honest. Message me at [email protected] or send me a private message in the Helping Kids Write FB group. Note that this program is NOT for you if: -you know it all already -you won't put in the work. -you aren't committed No way, if that's you, this program is not right for you and I ask you please do not sign up! Some parents wonder if they will be able to learn and help their own child? Your parents intuition will be the best help.

    I teach you in a way that you'll get it.

    Previous parents who have taken this program have said that I have clearly explained the concepts and they easily understood it. They've also said that the activity video demonstrations were easy to follow and it helped them to see me do the activities with my child so they knew exactly what to do with their child.

    You can ask questions or request feedback anytime in the private FB group or scheduled zoom Q&A's and you'll get help.

    Scroll up to read the Testimonials! 🥰 If you are ready to help your child and build momentum in developing their self-esteem, confidence, and motor skills, you'll get lots of support from me both on the zoom Q&A's and in the FB group.

    I'm ready to go all in to help in this program if you are!

  • Can I use this program for more than one child?

    I recommend you focus on one child for this program so you can learn the material and put in all your efforts on them. As this is a group program, the support I provide you in the Zoom Q&A's and private FB group will be for one child.

  • It's too expensive? Why does it cost this much?

    If you've read this far I know that you're serious about helping your child's writing but have a few thoughts running through your mind.

    Things like.....
    What would happen if you asked, “What will this do for me and my child?" rather than "It’s too expensive, I can't afford this"?

    Consider this to be an investment for your growth and your child's potential.

    Also, is it more expensive to start helping your child NOW versus waiting till later?

    What's the cost of not getting specialist support while kids' brain are so adaptable, and they highly benefit from Early Intervention .....due to the brain's neuroplasticity?

    The value offered in this course is equivalent to 10 private treatment sessions with me plus five parent consultations. It will save you hours and hours of wasted time and energy searching for information on Google, second guessing what to do for your child, and finding out what other parents do that doesn't necessarily suit your child. This course is £397 which is the cost of 2 1/2 private sessions of me. That's about £40 / week for expert OT support!

    Imagine being able to focus your time and energy on helping your child NOW through an actual treatment program with expert support!

  • Can this help my child who is 'demand avoidant?' What if my child doesn't 'listen' to me?

    In this course, you will learn more than just treatment activities.

    I teach you the framework.

    Once you know the 'formula,' you can implement it when it's the right time for your child as a natural part of their day.

    Kids often refuse or avoid activities as they struggle to do them. When we work on the foundational skills, and they have the skills in place, they are more likely to choose to do tricky or challenging activities.

    Children usually want to do the activities because they're fun, and if you need help to adapt or modify activities, ask me, I help you along the way.

    This is why parents are the best to work with their kids. And you get to do the activities when it's the right time for your child versus at the time of a scheduled session.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    I am confident that the material in this course will help you improve your child's fine motor skills and writing via their foundational skills.

    You are responsible for doing the work in this program and ensure activities are implemented safely with your child. We are there to support you and answer your questions through the FaceBook forum and Live Zoom Q&A sessions. You receive a large amount of parent support to help you throughout this program.

    Support is only provided through the FaceBook group and live Zoom sessions.

    You will have a judgment-free zone as well as access to up-to-date knowledge about writing coordination.

Sign -Up Today!

I'm ready for change and results to help my child build the foundational skills they need to write comfortably.


By purchasing this course, you understand and agree: 

1. The advice provided in this program is educational versus a 1:1 service.  You are responsible for choosing what to apply to your child. You must provide supervision for your child's own safety.  If you require medical advice, please book a private appointment or consult with your child's doctor. 

2. The course material is copyrighted to Munira Adenwalla and can ONLY be used for personal use. 

3. All information shared by group members in the FB community and Q&A's will be kept private and confidential.